Learn How To Play!

Welcome to ESPN Fantasy Rugby 2020.

Your task is simple: select 15 of the biggest, fastest, strongest and most skillful players in this year's competition to make up your team. Players score points in multiple ways, from both an attacking and defensive perspective.

Make transfers between each round and tinker with your designated kicker to get the most out of your team. Score the most fantasy points to win some fantastic prizes!

NOTE: A couple of changes to the game scoring have been made for 2020. See the 'Scoring Points' section below for full details.


In order to participate in ESPN Fantasy Rugby 2020, you must login to your ESPN account. If you do not have an ESPN account, you can create one for free by following the on-screen instructions.


There are some awesome prizes on offer for winning ESPN Fantasy Rugby 2020 managers. A full breakdown of the prizes can be viewed on the dedicated Prizes page.

If two or more users are tied on points, any prize(s) will be awarded to the user whose team scored the most tries during the prize period in question. If users remain tied, the user whose team registered the most assists is the winner. In the unlikely event that users continue to tie, the team that was registered first will be declared the winner. When announcing winners, ESPN aspire to notify users as swiftly as possible and with a delay of no more than 28 days after the last match in each round has been completed

Entrants are only eligible to win one overall prize. An overall prize is categorized by a league or leaderboard that includes all games taking place between Fri 1st February and Sat 16th March 2020 in its scoring calculation. The entrant who accumulates the highest overall points total is eligible to choose which of these prizes they are awarded. Prizes will then default to the next highest scoring entrant until all have been awarded. Tie break rules apply.

Team Selection

Simply pick a team of 15 players from the full squad lists of all the teams competing in the competition: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

Your team must include:

  • 3 x Front-row forwards
  • 2 x Second-row forwards
  • 3 x Back-row forwards
  • 1 x Scrum-half
  • 1 x Fly-half
  • 2 x Centres
  • 3 x Outside backs

You may select a maximum of four players from each nation.

You also need to specify a designated Kicker - the only player in your team who will score points for penalties and conversions. Choose wisely!

You can filter the player list by team and position - or use the search function to find a specific player. Use the + / - buttons next to each player name to add / remove players from your team.

When you're happy with your selections, remember to give your team a name before submitting.


Before the tournament begins, a transfer amnesty is in place, allowing you to make unlimited changes to each of your teams.

Once the tournament begins, you will have three free transfers to use between each round of fixtures.

You may make additional transfers on top of your allocation of three free transfers, however for each additional transfer you will be docked two penalty points in the next round.

All transfers made are considered transfers, regardless of the players involved. This means that even if you transfer in a player who you have previously transferred out in the same transfer period, it will count as a transfer.

NB: Unused transfers do not roll over

You can switch your designated Kicker as many times as you like

The transfer window will shut at the first scheduled kick-off of each round, and will re-open half an hour later.

Scoring Points

Points for game actions are updated live during matches. Here is a breakdown of the points allocation:

Action Points
Full Appearance 2
Part Appearance 1
Substitute Appearance 0.5
Try (Forwards) 8
Try (Backs) 5
Assist (last pass or kick to the try scorer - as long the try scoring opportunity is created) 3
Penalty Kick or Conversion* 1
Drop Goal 1
Yellow Card -1
Red Card -2
Man of the Match† 5
Tackles Made (per tackle) 0.1
Metres Carried (per metre) 0.02
Line-out stolen 1
Clean Breaks (per clean break) 0.5
Defenders Beaten (per defender) 0.2

* Designated Kicker only

Please note that game stats are subject to change for up to 24 hours after the end of a round, as we review all match action. Once this time has passed, all game points are locked and no subsequent changes will be made, even if match stats are retrospectively altered.

† Man of the Match

The Man of the Match bonus points are awarded in line with the host broadcaster's official decision. If no Man of the Match is awarded by the host broadcaster, the official Guinness Six Nations Man of the Match will be used instead.

Entry deadlines

Your team must be entered before the first scheduled kick-off of a round of fixtures in order to score points for that entire round.

Entry/Transfer Deadlines (all times GMT):

Round 1: 01/02/2020 14:15

Round 2: 08/02/2020 14:15

Round 3: 22/02/2020 14:15

Round 4: 07/03/2020 14:15

Round 5: 14/03/2020 14:15