Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many teams may I enter?

    New for 2017: you may enter two team into this year's game.

    You can switch between teams via the navigation bar or the Dashboard section of the game.

    If any user is found to have created more than two teams, using different ESPN accounts, all teams are liable to be deleted.

  • How many transfers are available to me?

    Before the competition kicks off on 4th February 2017, a transfer amnesty is in place, allowing you to make unlimited changes to your teams.

    Once the tournament begins, you will have three free transfers to use between each round of fixtures.

    You may make additional transfers on top of your allocation of three free transfers, however for each additional transfer you will be docked two penalty points in the next round.

    You can switch your designated Kicker as many times as you like during the tournament.

    *Transfers and Kicker changes will lock at the scheduled kick-off of the first match of each round and will reopen one hour after the scheduled conclusion of the final match. No additional transfers will be awarded under any circumstances.

  • What is a Kicker change?

    A Kicker change is the act of changing your designated kicker within your current team. For example, changing your designated kicker from a fly-half to a scrum-half.

    Bringing in a new player to replace your existing designated kicker will count as a transfer rather than a Kicker change.

  • What is the deadline for making changes?

    Transfers and Kicker changes must be completed by the first scheduled kick-off time of a round in order to be active for all three of that round's matches.

    A breakdown of the transfer deadlines can be found at the bottom of the Rules page.

    The transfer window will shut at the first scheduled kick-off of each round, and will re-open after the last match of each round has finished.

  • One of my players is injured, what do I do?

    You can leave them in your team and they will continue to score zero points. To change them you must use a transfer. You won't lose the points the player has earned you already.

  • One of my players scored a Penalty Kick or Conversion, why has he not got the points for it?

    Remember that only your designated Kicker will score points for Penalty Kicks or Conversions.

  • Why can't I view other teams?

    You will be able to see your rivals' teams once the competition begins on February 4th 2017. This is to keep your team a secret up until the first kick-off.


  • How do I set up a Mini-League?

    The person setting up the Mini League will be the Chairman of that league. As Chairman, you must first register your own team and then:

    1. Click on 'Mini Leagues' from the menu and choose 'Join/Create Mini League'.
    2. Choose a name for your Mini League. If you wish the Mini League to be private you may also add a password.
    3. Use the 'Invite' facility to email your friends and colleagues and invite them to join your league.
  • How do I join a Mini-League?

    If you wish to join an existing league, you'll just need the Private League code from the chairman who created the league. When logged-in and viewing your team, choose 'Join League' from the 'My Leagues' section of the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • How many Mini-Leagues can I join?

    There is no limit to the number of Mini-Leagues you can join.

  • The league name and password that my friend/colleague gave me are not working?

    Make sure you have selected the correct Mini-League from the search results. Password input is case sensitive, so make sure you don't have Caps Lock on

  • Why are none of my friends receiving my Mini League invitations?

    There is a chance that with some e-mail providers, the invitation e-mail may be caught in spam or junk mail filters. If this is happening, the best workaround is to directly email your friends the necessary league details

Other Information

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    In order for this website to work correctly you must use Internet Explorer version 9.0 or later.

    To find out which version of Internet Explorer you are running, press 'Help' in the browser menu and select 'About Internet Explorer'.

    If you want to get a new version such as Internet Explorer, you can download it free here: Download IE

  • How do I delete my account?

    To delete your team, please make a request via our helpdesk, which can be accessed here.

  • My question still hasn't been answered. What should I do?

    The following links may hold the information you need:

    If you still have any queries abount ESPN Fantasy Rugby 2017, then do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk and we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible

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