Welcome to ESPNFC Match Predictor 2018.

Take on family, friends and co-workers and prove your knowledge of international soccer on the biggest stage.

Below are the rules of how to play.


In order to participate in ESPNFC Match Predictor 2018, you must login to your ESPN account. If you do not have an ESPN account, you can create one for free by following the on-screen instructions.

Making Predictions

Before the World Cup starts on 14th June, there are a number of Tournament-long predictions you can make:

Tournament Winner

Golden Boot Winner

Group Winner (A-H)

Every single match in the tournament is included in the game. You must predict the scoreline of each match using the plus and minus buttons next to each team. During the Group Stage, your scoreline prediction will automatically predict the match result. During the Knockout Rounds, you will also be asked to predict which team will progress.

Each match will also have a number of Bonus Questions with multiple-choice answers. The deeper into the tournament, the more Bonus Questions will be offered for each match.

Scoring Points

Points are scored for every correct prediction made in the game, with each question type awarding a varying number of points.

Like the World Cup itself, the latter stages carry the most importance in ESPNFC Match Predictor 2018. We have weighted each question in each phase of the tournament as per the table below:

Question type Group Round of 16 Quarter Finals Semi Finals 3rd Place Playoff Final
Scoreline 20 pts 25 30 40 45 50
Result` 10 - - - - -
Who will progress? - 15 15 20 20 30
Bonus Question 10 (x2) 10 (x3) 10 (x4) 10 (x5) 10 (x6) 10 (x7)

The Tournament-long Predictions award the following number of points:

Question Points
Overall Winner 200 pts
Golden Boot Winner 100 pts
Group Winners (x8) 50 pts each


Based on your performance, you will be placed into overall Rankings with all other players. Your ranking is determined by your points total, and the Rankings will be filterable by game rounds, as per the Prizes.

In the event that two or more users are tied on the same score in the Overall Rankings at the end of the tournament, the tie-breaker will come into effect. The user whose 'Minute of first goal in the final' prediction is closest to the actual outcome will be deemed the winner.

In the unlikely event that there are still tied users, the user who entered the game first will be deemed the winner.

For all periods except the Overall Rankings, a random draw will be used to split tied winners.


You have until the scheduled kick-off of each match to make your predictions. The Tournament Winner, Golden Boot and Group Winner questions will lock at 11:00 (ET) on 14th June 2018, when the World Cup begins.